Manage Procedure Codes

The following describes how to add and manage multiple procedure codes (CPT codes) to procedure items in the topic editor.

Multiple procedure codes may be associated with one clinical service description in the topic editor. The example to the right shows one procedure associated with two procedure codes.

The treating therapist may select an alternate procedure code if alternate codes are available in charting to better reflect the intent of the procedure. Right click on the CPT code to see alternate codes associated with it.

Adding a Procedure with Multiple Procedure Codes

After adding a procedure with a default procedure code, click on the add button to open a new row and select the additional procedure code from the drop down list.

You may add several additional codes.

Managing Multiple Procedure Codes

To edit procedure codes for multiple clinical services, click Manage Procedure Codes.

In the Manage Procedure Codes Grid, you may filter the procedures by category and subcategory, or by the CPT code, then edit the filtered set.

Filtering Categories and Subcategories

To filter by a category or subcategory, select on the drop-down list, as illustrated here.

In this example, the procedures grid has been filtered to show the BOSU Exercises Subcategory, which is part of the Closed Chain Therapeutic Activities Category.

Applying Changes to Filtered Lists

You may change the default procedure code with the first procedure in the filtered list. In the following example, the default procedure code is being changed from 97530 to 97112.

A second procedure code of 97110 is being added to the first procedure in the filtered list.

Click Copy to All to apply the changes from the first row to all of the procedures in the filtered list.

You can confirm the changes by spot checking the procedures in the main Topic Editor.

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