Form Letter Templates

In this topic, you will learn how to create letter templates used to produce pre-formatted letters.

Creating Letters

The Letters feature allows letters to be created from pre-formatted templates to individual patients, groups of patients, attorneys, or physicians. Please see Using Form letters for information on using Letters. There are several pre-formatted form letters included in the system.

Launching the Letter Templates Editor

From the Templates menu, select Letter Templates.

Reviewing Letter Templates

See this example of a completed Form Letter Template.

Data fields in the letter templates are indicated brackets. When a letter is produced from the template, data from your database appears in place of the inserted data fields.

Creating New Letter Templates

Use the following procedure to create a new template for generating form letters:

  1. From the Templates menu, select Letter Templates. The Manage Letter Templates dialog displays.
  2. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the new template.
  3. Press Enter to save the new template. You can confirm that the

  4. Copy and Paste your standard header information from another letter template.
  5. Enter text as needed in the body of the template below the header. Enter data fields by double clicking the appropriate field name from the list of data fields along the left side of the dialog box.

Formatting Controls

There are a set of standard formatting controls that you can use to put the finishing touches on your new letter template:

These formatting controls include:

  • Page Setup: Set page margins.
  • Cut, Copy, Paste: Copy and paste text within document or from another letter template.
  • Font: Select a standard font for a section of text.
  • Font Size and Format: Size, Bold, Italics, Underlined
  • Alignment Controls: Align right, left, center, justify
  • Numbered and Bulleted Lists: Create an ordered list with bullets or numbers.
  • Indent and Outdent: Indent or outdent a selected paragraph or list item.
  • Table Controls: Insert and delete rows and columns in a table.
  • Line: Create a horizontal line across the page.
  • Page Break: Force a new page.
  • Show Header/Footer: Show the header and footer sections of the report for editing.
  • Insert Graphic: Insert a graphic into your temple. Used primarily for logos.
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