Fax Cover Sheet Set Up

This article describes the process for creating a custom fax cover sheet and troubleshooting formatting issues.

Insight EMR is pre-configured with a standard Fax Cover. Use the following procedure to create a custom cover sheet, if desired.

  1. From the Templates menu, click Fax Cover Letters to launch the form for managing Fax cover sheets.
  2. Click New to create a new cover sheet.
  3. Enter a unique name for your new cover sheet and click Enter.
  4. It is often desirable to include a table in the upper part of the cover sheet, which allows you to control the placement of text and graphics. Click to create a table.
  5. Enter the properties for the table. In this illustration, a table with two columns and invisible table border and grid lines is being created.
  6. Data fields, text, and graphics may be placed in the table. To enter a data field, click it. To enter a graphic icon, such as a logo, click .

Here is an example of a completed custom fax cover sheet.

Troubleshooting Layout Issues

Adjusting the template to display correctly is much like changing a Microsoft Word Document and may take some trial and error to fine tune the settings just how you want them.

To troubleshoot the layout you will need to:

  1. Adjust the layout.
  2. Verify the changes look the way you want.

Adjust the Layout

  1. Open the Fax Cover Letter template by clicking Templates > Fax Cover Letters.

  1. Choose the desired template from the Select field.

  2. Delete or add page breaks as needed:

    To delete a page break, put your cursor below the indicated page break line and hit the backspace key until it is removed.

    To add a page break, insert you cursor in the desired location and then click the Insert a Page Break button.

  3. Use the Enter or Backspace Key to add or remove blank lines as needed to make the template appear correctly when printing.

Verify the Changes

The only way to verify that the Fax Coversheet is displaying correctly is to generate a fax and review the generated fax from the attachments on the patient’s case.

Note: Generating a fax will result in the fax being sent to anyone in the Send Reports To field on the case. Therefore, before testing, you will need to temporarily change the phone number of the recipients to a fake phone number such as (555) 555-5555. Be sure to make a note of the correct phone number(s) so you can change it back when you are done with testing.

Generate and view a Faxed Report or Chart Note

To generate and view a faxed report or chart note, complete the following steps:

  1. Inside the INSIGHT EMR application find a patient with a signed chart visit.
  2. Change the number of the Send Report To recipient(s) to a fake number (see note above).
  3. Open the signed visit documentation.
  4. Click Print Button Icon > Fax
  5. Select the Report Format (e.g., Progress Evaluation)
  6. Select the Cover Page you modified and wish to view (e.g., Basic Cover Sheet)
  7. Click the Ok Button. This will result in the selected chart note being displayed. Remember, the fax number for the Send Reports To recipients listed in the Case Information tab will be sent a fax. Be sure you have temporarily changed the phone number(s) to ensure that the recipients are not actually sent the fax.
  8. Click the Ok Button again. This will result in the fax being sent.

Review Generated Fax from the attachments on the patient's case.

  1. Find the patient in the Client Editor.
  2. Click the Attachments - F6 Tab.
  3. Find the Fax attachment with the correct date you are looking for. Click the fax to view it.

Determine Next Steps

  1. If the generated fax is displaying correctly, change the phone number of those in the Send Reports To field that were altered back to their original numbers. You have successfully modified your template.
  2. If the generated fax does not display correctly, modify the template again and then retest.
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