Enter Data Fields in Clinical Reports

In this topic, you will learn how to customize clinical reports by adding data fields.

Configuring Clinical Reports

Clinical documentation report layouts are completely configurable in Insight EMR. You can preview clinical reports anytime and select differering report formats after signing off on clinical documentation.

Adding a Data Field to a Report

Use the following procedure to configure clinical reports by adding data fields:

  1. From the Templates menu, select Print Layouts. The Manage Letter Templates dialog displays.
  2. From the Select list, select the name of the clinical report you want to configure. The Select dialog displays the name of the report layout.
  3. You can edit the boilerplate text in any section of the report to suit your needs. Placeholders for data values filled in from the chart are indicated in between pairs of "<<" and ">>" delimiters. In the following example, some header information that includes data fields is highlighted.

    Here is an example of the data fields typically included in a report header:

  4. To enter a new data field from the database for your report, select it from the Fields list on the left side of the dialog box. In the following example, the injury date is entered in the report header and the boilerplate text to the left of the data field changed to Date of Onset in the report.

  5. Make as many changes as you need to customize the report. When you are finished configuring the report layout, click OK.

How a Data Field Appears in a Printed Report

Here is how the data field might appear in the report.

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