Editing Existing Topics

How to edit the contents of existing topics in the clinical documentation content library.

Using Existing Items for a Topic

You may include existing Items in any topic. To include existing items for a selected topic, make sure the Show Only Topic Items check box is cleared and select the check box associated with the category, subcategory and specific item to be included.

The following is an example of including Date of Onset in a New Topic:

The following is an example of adding an existing Category to a Topic:

Excluding Items from a Topic

You may wish to exclude some categories, subcategories, items, or results from a topic. Clearing a category check box will exclude all of the child subcategories and Items from your topic. Clearing a Subcategory check box will exclude all of the child Items from the Topic. Specific Results may also be excluded from a selected Item.

The following is an example of excluding a result from a selected topic:

Adding a New Area

It is not normally necessary to add a new area to a topic, because the standard areas already exist: Procedures, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan, Summary, and Supplies.

If you would like to add or delete an area, please reach out to Clinicient support for assistance.

Note: Areas can only be added or deleted, existing area names cannot be changed.


Categories and subcategories are useful for grouping like Items within a topic.

Adding a Category

Categories and Subcategories are useful for grouping like items within an area. You may create a new category as illustrated here:

Note: When creating a new category in the topic editor, you cannot save the category until you add one or more topic items to the new category.

Adding a New Subcategory

A Subcategory is a grouping within a category. The following is an illustration of adding a subcategory:

Adding Results

Items are specific documentation elements, including notes, measures, and tests. The following is an example of adding a note Item with results:

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