Edit Grid Formats

In this topic, you will learn how to modify grid formats in documentation forms and reports.

About Grid Formats

Grid Formats is used to edit these settings for the data grids used in documentation forms and reports:

  • Showing or Hiding Columns
  • Setting Column widths or allowing columns to auto size
  • Borders
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rules

You access grid formats from the Templates menu by selecting Grid Formats.

This opens the Edit Chart Grid Formats dialog.

Editing a Grid Format

Use the following procedure to select and edit the settings for a grid format.

  1. From the Templates menu, select Grid Formats. The Edit Chart Grid Formats dialog opens.
  2. From the Layout list in the upper-left corner of the dialog, select the grid layout you want to edit.
  3. Immediately below the Layout list is a collection of tabs that correspond to the sections in a chart. You can adjust the grid format of each section independent of the others. Click the tab that corresponds to the section of the chart for which you want to edit the grid format.
  4. Set the grid column widths using the values in the Column Widths section.

    These values represent the relative size of columns is represented by numbers. A setting of 0 means that the column will auto-size to take any width left after accommodating the other columns. A setting of -1 means that the column will be hidden. (Columns cannot be hidden on the documentation form, only on reports.)
    In this example, the Item has the largest reserved column width and the Note will auto size.

  5. Set the grid borders and rules using the values in the Borders and Rules section.

  6. When you finish editing the grid formats for each of the sections of the chart you want to modify, click OK to dismiss the Edit Chart Grid Formats dialog box.

Grid Preview

As you make changes to various grid settings, you can see how the changes will affect the grid format in the Preview pane on the right:


This example shows changing the Goal grid on the Initial Evaluation Report:

In this example, column widths are changed so that:

  • Item, Initial Findings, and Goal will auto-size.
  • Current Findings, Progress, and Achieved on columns are hidden.
  • By Date has a reserved relative column width of 20.

These settings are previewed on the preview section:

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