Create Chart Templates from Topics

In this topic you will learn how to create a chart template from a chart topic.

Chart Templates

Chart Templates are pre-configured documentation forms created for different patient conditions and can be loaded for a patient visit prior to entry of the documentation results. You can configure Chart Templates for a general condition (Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain), or for more specific conditions (Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Post Rotator Cuff Surgery).

Chart Templates can include placeholders for results, default results for clinical tests and measurements, and pre-formatted text. They can also include required fields.

Launching the Chart Template Editor

Use the following procedure to launch the Chart Template editor.

  1. From the Templates menu, select Chart Templates.

    Or from the Chart tab toolbar, click Chart Templates and then select Edit Chart Templates.
  2. Once the Chart Template Editor appears, existing chart templates are found in a list, as shown here.

Creating a New Chart Template

Use the following procedure to create a new chart template.

  1. From the Edit Chart Templates dialog, click Add.
  2. Use an existing template category or create a new category by entering a new name in the Category field.
  3. Select Create Empty Template, then click OK.
  4. The new empty chart template will appear on the list as shown here. The topic panel will also appear and there will be an empty area o the right side, representing a preview of the selected chart template.

Select Topic and Anatomy

Select the appropriate topic and anatomy for the chart template you are creating.

Adding a Summary Statement

  1. Add a pre-formatted summary statement by right-clicking Add Summary in the topic tree.
  2. Add the statement in the chart template preview.

Adding Procedures

You can add procedures to the chart template.

Adding Subjective Items

  1. Add documentation items from the Subjective area.
  2. Double click results entered to add placeholders.

Adding Required Elements

Right click documentation items and select This is Required to add the item as a required element in the chart template.

Clinical staff will not be able to sign off on documentation when using the chart template if they do not complete required elements. Required elements for the chart template will appear with a red underline.

Changing Anatomy Settings

It may be necessary to change anatomy to include some clinical test or measurement items in the chart template. In the following example, the right lower extremity was selected to allow the addition of LE Neurovascular Screening to the chart template.

This is how the selected group of tests appear in the Chart Template under the correct anatomy.

You may switch the anatomy associated with test results as necessary when using the chart template. For example, the user of the template may need to switch these test results from the Right to Left Lower Extremity as the affected side.

Adding Measurement Items

You can add Measurement Items or groups of Measurement Items in a fashion similar to that of adding test items:

Adding Assessment and Plan Items

You can enter required fields and placeholders in the Assessment and Plan Areas as illustrated here:

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