Copy Forward Management

The following describes how to configure settings to automatically copy forward Documentation Areas in Insight EMR and how to update information copied forward in charting.

The latest results for tracked goals are automatically copied forward visit to visit. Clinical management may also elect to have information from other Documentation Areas (Procedures, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, or Plan) automatically copy forward from the immediate prior visit to the current visit.

Any user with complete read/write access to the Topic Editor may configure the automatic Copy Forward Settings.

From the Settings menu, select Copy Forward Management.

Select the documentation areas to copy forward visit to visit.

When using the Goal Tracking feature in Insight EMR, you are recommended to select Procedures, Assessment, and Plan to automatically copy forward.

Charting Using Goal Tracking and Automatic Copy Forward

Documentation Results Copied Forward

In this example, the Summary, Procedures, Assessment and Plan are set to automatically copy forward from the immediate prior visit to the current visit:

Updating Procedures Copied Forward

Procedures may be added or deleted from the current visit. To delete a procedure from the current visit, left click on it to open the topic tree and uncheck the procedure, or right click the procedure and then click Delete.

Updating Tracked Goal Results

Tracked Note results may be updated with a right click, or by left clicking on the item and selecting a different item from the topic tree, or with free text.

Tracked Clinical Measurements can be updated by highlighting the measurement and updating it with current results:

Updating Assessment and Plan

The Assessment and Plan Areas that were automatically copied forward can be updated with free text, right click shortcuts, or by adding information from the topic panel:

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