Best Practices for Clinical Content Management

The Clinical Content Management System in Clinicient allows you to configure the EMR to meet your requirements. There are three parts to the system:

  • Topics are broad areas of content. The system includes a comprehensive library of topics that may be used successfully in a variety of rehabilitation settings, including Adult Orthopedic PT and OT, Hand Therapy, Pediatric PT, OT, and Speech among others.
  • Templates are configurable, individualized documentation forms that are created from topic content. There may be many different templates created from one topic.
  • Print Layouts are used to define what information is included in different report formats and how that information is grouped and organized.

Since the system includes a comprehensive library of topic content and the system allows therapists to utilize free text as needed if there is a gap in topic content, it is generally recommended to start off by utilizing standard topics, templates, and print layouts that are included when the system is set up. After clinicians use the system for a few weeks, it will be much easier to make decisions about any edits that need to be made to content or print layouts.

It is important to understand that managing clinical content is a big job, but the effort is well worth the effort. Doing a good job on managing clinical content improves compliance, helps communication within your staff and with your referring physicians, and helps you reflect the quality of care provided by your organization.

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