Create and Copy a Staff Schedule

In this topic, you will learn how to set up a schedule for a therapist and copy that schedule across a selected range of dates.

Schedule by Clinic

A weekly schedule is set for a specific therapist and a specified clinic. So if a therapist practices at more than one clinic, the days to be worked must be assigned to each clinic as appropriate. If the therapist works at Clinic 1 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but at Clinic 2 on Tuesday and Thursday, schedules need to be created to reflect that division of time.

Defining a Regular Week

Setting a weekly schedule lets you populate the Schedule Tab about the availability of a therapist or staff member at one or more clinics for patient appointments. You use the Weekly tab of the Set Week Schedule dialog box to map out the weekdays and times when a therapist expects to do one of the things below.

  • Start work on a given day
  • Be unavailable for lunch breaks
  • Leave work at the end of a day

So for each clinic, setting a weekly schedule consists of indicating on which weekdays appointments can be schedule along with the start and stop times on each day and when the therapist will be taking a lunch break.

Once a weekly schedule has been defined, you can then copy that schedule information into the Schedule tab from a chosen beginning date through a chosen ending date. Copying the weekly schedule overwrites any previously existing schedule that may exist, alerting you when the new weekly schedule invalidates any appointments that may already be scheduled.

Scheduling for One or More Days

By default, the Set Staff Schedules dialog box shows an hourly schedule for a the current date. You can schedule that single day or you can select a range of dates in the Calendar Control to the left and display multiple dates:

Scheduling a Day

Follow these steps to define a staff schedule for a selected day:

  1. Log in to Insight EMR. Fro the Edit menu, select Schedules or use the F5 key to open the Set Staff Schedules window. Use the Selection Settings to set, how you want the calendar displayed.

    Note: The calendar defaults to week view. To see a mid-week date span, select the Allow Individual Day Selection check box, select a start date and then use the Shift key when selecting the end date. The Ctrl key allows you to select individual dates.

  2. In the Clinic and Staff drop-down lists, select the staff member being scheduled and the clinic where this schedule applies if the staff member works at more than one location. The calendar displays on the right side of the window after you have selected a clinic and staff member.
  3. Begin by indicating the block of time when the staff member is available for appointments. Click the Add Available button, which remains selected:
  4. In the time grid to the right, click the hour of the day your are scheduling when the staff member's availability for that day begins. The Add Available day is then deselected and a block of available time appears on the time grid:

    By default, the block of available time added assumes a working day of eight hours plus an hour for lunch, so a total of nine consecutive hours are marked.

  5. To adjust the length of the available block, click on the thick blue border at the bottom of the block and drag the mouse until the time is the proper duration.

  6. If you need to move the starting time to an available time block, click the top border then drag and drop the time block into place.
  7. Next, schedule a lunch break. Click the Add Lunch button, which then remains selected. Then, in the time grid, click on the hour when the lunch break starts. The lunch break appears as a thirty-minute block of time by default:

    This lunch block can be resized to adjust the length of time by dragging the bottom border and dragged to a new starting time using the top border, just like you can with the available time block.
  8. If you are scheduling more than one day at a time, repeat steps 2 through 7 for each day you need to schedule.
  9. If you are not copying the created schedule into future dates, click OK to close the Set Staff Schedules dialog box and commit the schedule to the system. If you want to copy the created schedule into future dates, follow the steps shown in Copying a Schedule.

Copying a Schedule

Once you have created a schedule for one or more days, you can copy that schedule across a selected range of dates in the future. Follow these steps to copy a schedule:

  1. If you have not done so already, open the Set Staff Schedules dialog box and create the schedule for the weekdays you want to copy.
  2. In the lower left corner of the Set Staff Schedules dialog box is a set of controls you use to copy the currently create schedule onto future dates.

  3. In the Start Date and End Date fields, select the range of dates across which you want to copy the currently created schedule. You can either the dates in the MMDDYYYY format, or you can drop down a calendar view for each field and select a date from the calendar.

  4. Check the list of holidays to skip in the selected date range to make sure any dates for which the clinic would not be seeing patients are included. Add any additional holiday dates by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the list and adding holidays.
  5. When you are ready to copy the schedule you have created in the dialog box across the range of selected dates, click Copy Schedule.
  6. If any of the schedules being copied conflict with existing available times for the selected staff member, the following warning will appear.

  7. If this warning appears, click OK. The dialog box will then present a list of conflicts for you to resolve.

  8. Once you have successfully copied the schedule and resolved any conflicts that occur, click OK to dismiss the Set Staff Schedules dialog box and commit the schedule changes to the system.
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