View Schedules by Client

This topic describes how to view a list of appointments for a selected client, select appointments from the list for editing or deleting.

Viewing Appointments for a Selected Patient

  1. Click the View Appointments by Client button. A list of all appointments for that patient appears in a list.
  2. Double click an appointment or click Go To Selected to view the appointment on the schedule.

Selecting a Different Client

You may select a different client from the Client list. If you would like to view appointments for inactive clients, select Show All.

Deleting Appointments

Use the following steps to delete one or more appointments in the View Appointments List.

  1. Select one appointment by clicking it, or a multiple appointments in the list by pressing CTRL and then clicking them. Appointments that have been marked as Arrived or Failed will not be deleted.
  2. After selecting the appointments you want to delete, click Delete Selected Appts to delete them. A warning message displays, stating that only unconfirmed appointments will be removed and that the delete operation cannot be undone.
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