View Appointment Alerts

In this topic, you will learn how to identify appointments that have alerts associated with them as well as how to get information about these alerts.

Alerts Indicate Need to Follow Up

When an appointment for a patient is scheduled, there may be any of several conditions or situations about that patient or appointment that require some additional attention or follow up. When follow up or action is needed, an icon appears in the scheduled appointments for that patient to alert you:

Appointment Alert Icons

Appointments with alerts are indicated by one or more alert icons just below the patient's name. The following table describes the icons and the alerts associated with each:

Appointment Note. See note attached for details.
Balance Due. Patient owes an amount to be collected.
Warning. Insurance Authorization Warning, Referral Authorization Warning, or Medicare Therapy Threshold Warning.
Incomplete Task for this Patient.
Insurance Plans.
Appointment Notification.
Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Mobile Phone Number
E-mail Address
Case Description
Referring MD

Getting Alert Details

To get more detailed information about an appointment that displays alert icons, select the appointment in the Schedule Display. The By Staff view then shows a table that lists and briefly describes all the alerts for that appointment and patient.

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