Select the Schedule Month and Year

In this topic, you will learn how to use the Calendar Control to select the displayed month and year in the Schedule tab.

The Calendar Control User Interface

The Calendar Control automatically displays the current month and year with the current and selected dates indicated.

The currently selected date is highlighted using the color specified as the Windows system color for text highlighting.

Selecting a Month and Year

If the current month is the month being displayed, the current date is highlighted with the color selected in the Appointments tab of the Edit Settings dialog unless the current date is also the selected date. If the current date also is the selected date, then the current date is highlighted using the color for the selected date. You can click the arrows at the top of the Calendar Control to change the month being displayed. There are arrows that move the displayed month back one year, back one month, forward one month, or forward one year. The currently selected month and year are indicated at the top of the Calendar Control. Another way to select a month and year if the desired month is within the previous or upcoming year is to click the current month/year at the top of the Calendar Control to display this menu:

Notice that the selection at the top of this menu always displays Today, which displays the current month, year, and date in the Calendar Control.

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