Mark Appointments as Arrived or Failed

This article describes how to change appointment status by double clicking the appointment to edit it, or by using a right click shortcut. The status of appointments is indicated by color coding. Typical appointment status settings include:

  • Scheduled
  • Arrived
  • Cancelled with Notice
  • Cancelled without Notice
  • No Show

These appointments can be assigned unique colors.

If patients have a payment obligation, such as a copay, you will be prompted to collect the payment when the appointment is marked Arrived.

  1. Right click the appointment and then select Status from the resulting list.

  1. Select the desired appointment status.

    After changing the appointment status, the appointment will change color.

  1. Double-click the Appointment. Double clicking the Appointment to change appointment status is convenient if you have other things about the appointment you need to change at the same time.

  2. Change the status from the drop down list.

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