Make Patient Appointments

The following describes how to schedule patient appointments with a right click or double click on an available appointment time.

Open the Schedule

In the Schedule Tab, display the schedule for the date and staff member with whom you want to add a patient appointment.

Right Click or Double Click on Available Time

Right-click on the block of time for the start of the appointment in the Schedule Display. A context menu appears:

Select the Appointment Type, Patient and Case

The Appointment Type is set to the default appointment type you specify for the system. You can accept this appointment type or drop-down the Appointment Type list to change to a different type for the appointment you are scheduling:

Select the Patient

You can scroll the list to find the patient you need to schedule, or click <<Select One>> then enter a patient name to search for the patient.

You can optionally select one of the patient's active cases for this appointment by choosing from the Case drop-down list.

Click OK

The appointment appears in the schedule. If there are any warnings associated with the patient you are scheduling, a message box appears to alert you.

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