Delete a Single Appointment

The following describes how to delete a single appointment with a right click shortcut.

  1. Right click the appointment that you want to delete and then select Delete from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Appointments with Documentation

If an appointment has documentation associated with it, you will be warned prior to deleting the appointment. Any documentation associated with the visit will then be lost.

Clearing Associated Documentation from Appointment

You may clear documentation associated with an appointment by marking the appointment as a failed appointment, such as a No Show.

Confirm Documentation Deletion

You will receive a confirmation message like the following:

It is important to understand that clicking Yes will delete all of the documentation that has been entered for the visit and it cannot be recovered.

Delete Appointment

After deleting the associated documentation, you may delete the appointment.

Signed Visits

You cannot delete appointments with signed documentation.

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