Apply Place of Service for Telehealth

Beginning April 1, 2022, CMS requires providers to specify whether telehealth services are delivered at the patient’s home or elsewhere. When selecting the Telehealth Place of Service (POS) for Medicare category payers, users can choose from the codes below.

Note: This feature is only visible for clients who have Place of Service Selection enabled. If you are interested in activating this functionality or have any questions, please contact Clinicient support via the Empower site or by calling 503-525-0275.

Telehealth POS Code Name in POS Drop-Down Definition
02 Telehealth - Other Telehealth provided at a location other than the patient’s home.
10 Telehealth - Home Telehealth provided in the patient’s home.

For more information on Medicare’s POS requirements, please click here to visit the CMS website.

For non-Medicare payers who require different codes to signify place of service, POS can be set at the payer level. Please see Set Telehealth Place of Service for Payer for more information.

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