Add Appointment Details

How to add appointment notes, additional staff, place of service and appointment resources to an appointment.

Add Appointment Notes

  1. Click Show Detail to open the Add Edit Appt dialog box.
  2. Enter a note in the Appointment Note field.
  3. The appointment note appears on the appointment detail in the schedule as shown below.

Changing Place of Service

If the patient is being seen outside the clinic, you should indicate the place of service.

The place of service will be indicated on the schedule.

Appointment Resources

Select an existing appointment resource from the list. The appointment resource will appear in a column to the left of the staff schedules.

Click the resource to see which appointment is linked to the resource.

Additional Staff

Additional staff may be assigned to the same appointment. When additional staff are assigned, the documentation will be on the primary therapist's schedule in Charting and may only be signed off by the supervising therapist. Whenever possible, if you are recommended to use the cosign feature in Insight EMR to route documentation from an assistant to the supervising therapist rather than using the Additional Staff feature.

To assign additional staff, edit the appointment created on the supervising therapist's schedule and select Additional Staff from the list as illustrated here.

Appointments scheduled with Additional Staff will appear on both staff members' schedules as illustrated below:

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