Search for a Client Record

In order to open a client (patient) record whose name you do not know, you must search based on patient information such as patient first name, date of birth, or ID number. If you know the patient's last name, then you can just Open a Client Record.

  1. Open the Client Editor. Click Edit Clients on the toolbar, press F9, or on the Edit menu, click Clients.
  2. Click to open the Search for Clients dialog box.

    Search for Clients box

  3. Type information in one or more of the fields and then click Search. You can enter partial values. An example of a search by Insurance # is shown below.

    Search by insurance number

  4. To open the patient record, either click the record and then click OK or double-click the patient record.

    Note: If your search has only one result, then INSIGHT opens the record automatically.

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