Open a Client Record

In order to open a client (patient) record, you either need their last name or you can Search for a Client Record using other patient information. The most common way to find a client record is to look it up using the patient's last name, sometimes called "last name lookup."

  1. Open the Client Editor. Click Edit Clients on the toolbar, press F9, or on the Edit menu, click Clients.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Name or click in the Name field and start typing the client's last name. If necessary, scroll down to find the client..

    Search by last name

    Note: Only active clients are displayed in the Name list. If the client is no longer active, then you must first select the Show All check box, next to the Name list.

  3. To open the record, either click the record or select the record and then press Enter.
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