Enter a Medical Precaution

Precautions are a note field within INSIGHT EMR that reminds therapists of a medical alert or precaution on every date of service. The front desk or therapist can enter medical precautions during patient registration or after a treatment session. INSIGHT alerts the therapist of any precautions when the patient arrives for an appointment.

  1. Open the Client Editor. Click Edit Clients on the toolbar, press F9, or on the Edit menu, click Clients.
  2. Open the patient record to which you want to add a precaution.
  3. Click the Precautions tab or press F7.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Click a precaution category in the Precaution list or click in the text box and then start typing the name of the precaution category.

    Note: The list of precautions is defined in the Precautions tab of the Edit Settings dialog box. On the Settings menu, click Clinical Settings to open the Edit Settings dialog box.

  6. Type details in the Notes box.

    The therapist is notified of precautions with a red banner in the chart tab when first accessing the patient's chart. After closing this banner, the Precaution can be viewed by hovering your cursor over the Case Name or Precautions Icon.

    Note: Precautions are displayed on every date of service until they are manually removed from the Precautions tab of the Client Editor.

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