Client Editor Overview

Information about patients and insurance subscribers is available in the Client Editor, including: demographic information, a list of appointments, notes, case information, letters and clinical reports, home exercise programs, and a log of changes made to the client's information or appointments.

Launch the Client Editor

The Client Editor can be launched from either INSIGHT EMR or INSIGHT Billing by one of the following three methods:

  • Press F9.
  • On the toolbar, click Edit Clients.
  • On the Edit menu, click Clients.

View Information in the Client Editor

The Client Editor is used to update patient information. It contains the following tabs:

Tab Shortcut Key Description
Personal Information F3 The Personal Information tab lists personal demographic information for the patient. It also displays a list of all appointments ever created for the patient, their account balance, and a list of all cases and notes associated with the patient. See Add a New Client Record for more information.
Case Information F4 The Case Information tab shows information associated with the patient's case. This includes onset date, referral information, diagnosis codes, Plans of Care, Progress Reports, and insurance/benefit authorization information. Refer to Case Information Tab Overview for more information.
Letters F5 The Letters tab lists all letters sent from INSIGHT regarding the patient. Select a letter from the list to preview its contents. Refer to Create, Print, and Fax Letters for more information.
Attachments F6 The Attachments tab displays items that have been scanned or attached to the patient's record, including ID cards, HEP documentation, and any clinical documentation that was electronically faxed from INSIGHT. Refer to Attach, Edit, and Print Documents and View and Print Attachments for more information.
Precautions F7 The Precautions tab allows you to add, view, or delete precaution notes from the patient record. If a patient has a precaution, a red warning window appears for therapists when they start clinical documentation. Refer to Enter a Medical Precaution for more information.
Additional Claim Info F8 The Additional Claim Info tab allows you to add and record additional information about the patient including claim remarks, patient conditions, and patient values. Refer to Enter Additional Claim Information for more information.
Change Log F9 The Change Log tab allows you to research changes that were made to the patient's demographics, cases, and appointments. Refer to View Client Record Changes for more information.

Client record issues

In the Client Editor, you can view all of the outstanding issues related to the patient’s record and case, which will also be listed in the Corrections Queue. This allows you to easily identify the issues that need to be fixed to get claims created and billed. See View Client Record Issues for more information.

Note: If a client has multiple cases, issues will only be shown for the selected case.

Client Issues dialog box

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