Case Information Tab Overview

A case is a description of the patient's condition. Information about the referring physician, referral, diagnosis, and insurance are all associated with the patient's case.

Multiple Cases

Cases are discipline-specific. In a multidisciplinary organization, a patient will often have multiple cases, one for each specialty treating the patient. If a patient has been seen previously in your organization, then that patient might have an old, inactive case and a new, active case. If a patient has two distinct injuries or conditions that are covered as separate claims, then they might also have multiple cases. For example, a patient who is being treated for a cervical injury being claimed against automobile insurance and a second knee injury being claimed against the patient's commercial insurance would have two active cases.

All active and inactive cases for a selected patient are listed in the upper left-hand corner of the Client Editor and color coded as follows:

  • Blue background: active case
  • Pink background: discharged case
  • Gray background: discharged case, collections complete

Information for a Selected Case

Basic Case Information includes the Case Description, Basic Case Information, Referral Source and Referral Information, and diagnosis information for the case.

Discharge Information

Discharge date, reason, and the date billing was completed.

Plan of Care and Progress Reports

The date a Plan of Care was established and dates that Progress Reports were submitted to meet Medicare guidelines.

Case Notes

Notes relating to the patient's case.

Insurance Information

Insurance plan name, subscriber information, benefits information, and insurance authorizations.


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