Bidirectional Scheduling Through BetterAccess

BetterAccess (formerly BetterPT) Bidirectional Scheduling allows appointments scheduled by patients online through the BetterAccess website to sync directly with your calendar in INSIGHT. Read on to see how the BetterAccess integration connects with your INSIGHT account.


To see how appointments can be scheduled by patients and approved by your front desk, click here.

Therapist Availability

Availability Sent by INSIGHT

The integration between INSIGHT and BetterAccess makes therapist time slots publicly visible in BetterAccess’ patient portal.  The therapist schedule determines which time slots are available, and current appointments deduct from the total pool of available time.

Note: In order for therapists to be added to your schedule in INSIGHT, and visible to BetterAccess, they must first be marked as both Active and Shown in Schedule in the Staff Editor.

The availability for the therapists is determined by:

  • Therapist INSIGHT schedule configuration (Edit > Schedules in INSIGHT EMR)

  • Current appointments on the calendar

    • Appointments on the schedule will deduct from the pool of available time slots for scheduling
    • Unavailable appointments (Settings>Clinical Settings in INSIGHT EMR)

      • If configured as “Blocked” will not display as available and will deduct from the available time slots

      • If configured as “Not Blocked” will display as available and will not deduct from the available time slots

Availability Displayed by BetterAccess

The available time slots displayed in the BetterAccess portal are based on several factors:

  1. The available time slots transmitted by INSIGHT to BetterAccess (see section above).

  2. BetterAccess Interval – the times at which an appointment may begin (e.g., 15, 30, 60 minutes) (configured in the BetterAccess portal).

  3. BetterAccess Duration – the default length of time the appointment request is created for (configured in the BetterAccess portal).

  4. All appointments must be scheduled at least 20 hours in advance.  This is a global setting and cannot be changed.

Bi-Directional Scheduling

Enables patients to request appointments by location, therapist, and available time slots.  Each incoming appointment requests generates a task in INSIGHT.  All incoming requests result in a new appointment being created on the Schedule. If the patient has an existing account in INSIGHT it will be matched with the information entered by the patient in the BetterAccess portal. If the patient does not have an existing account in INSIGHT, a new patient account and case will be automatically created.


All appointments scheduled through the BetterAccess integration will show a “Pending” status.  Appointments are confirmed when the status is changed from “Pending” to a non-cancellation status and declined when the status is changed from “Pending” to cancelled. After the appointment status is changed, and the appointment is confirmed or declined, BetterAccess will send the patient a message via the patient portal, text, or email.


Changes to therapist availability in INSIGHT will be reflected in BetterAccess every 15 minutes, and changes to appointments will be reflected in real-time.


Patients use location, therapist, and time slot request to request appointments

Note: Appointment requests are valid until the time of the appointment.

Each New Appointment Request Generates a Task in INSIGHT

The front desk will be notified of new appointment requests via an INSIGHT System Task that will include the following information:

  • Action = “Appointment Requested”

  • Due date = Creation Date

  • Role = “Front Desk”

  • Assigned By = “System Service”

  • Client Name

  • Case

Task Notes will show:

  • Clinic

  • DOS

  • Time

  • Provider

  • Telehealth (Yes/No)

  • Carrier

  • Plan

  • Number

Note: If you would like to opt out of receiving Appointment Requested system tasks please reach out to Clinicient support via the Empower site or by calling 503-525-0275.

All Incoming Requests Result in a New Appointment

After reviewing the request, navigate to the newly created appointment on the schedule. Changing the appointment status from “Pending” to another status will result in a confirmation or declination of the appointment.

Confirmation versus Declination

Which message BetterAccess display to the patient (confirmation vs declination) is determined by the configuration of appointment statuses in INSIGHT.

Status in INSIGHT Status Displayed to Patient by BetterAccess
Not Arrived Confirmed
Failed Declined

Patient and Case Matching/Creation

When an appointment request is received, INSIGHT will attempt to match the patient.  If no patient is matched, then INSIGHT will create a new patient.  New patient accounts will include the following information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Phone Number

  • Email

By default, the appointment will be related to the oldest non-discharged case.  If no case exists, then a case is created with the following information: 

  • Case Description (auto-generated name)

  • Facility

Integration Timing

  • Appointment changes are triggered in near real-time.

  • Availability changes are triggered every 15 minutes.


If you are interested in signing up for BetterAccess or want to learn more about the services they offer, please visit the BetterPT website at

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