View and Print Attachments

You can view documents in the Attachments tab and the Manage Attachments window. These documents include faxes, insurance authorization, insurance correspondence, picture IDs, insurance cards, medical reports, Plan of Care approvals, and referrals.

Note: Faxes are only displayed in the Attachments tab.

In the Attachments tab, INSIGHT only displays attachments that are related to the current case. If you have not chosen a case (by clicking on the case in the Case Information tab), then the display defaults to the most recently added case.

In the Attachments tab, if you select Show Documents for All Cases, then you will be able to see all attachments for all cases. However, you will not be able to edit, move, or delete attachments that are related to other cases.

You view all documents the same way, but faxes have different controls than other documents, so they are documented separately.

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