Delete or Reassign Attachments

You can delete or move documentation attachments, such as scanned ID cards or authorizations, from one record to another. You might do this because:

  • An attachment was assigned to the wrong record.
  • Properties were entered incorrectly. For example, if an insurance credentialing document was associated with the wrong payer.
  • You are merging patient records. INSIGHT EMR does not allow you to merge records if the invalid record has attachments assigned to it.

Note: Letters shown in the Letters tab and faxes cannot be reassigned.

  1. Open the Client Editor. Click Edit Clients on the toolbar, press F9, or on the Edit menu, click Clients.
  2. Open the patient record. See Open a Client Record for instructions.
  3. In the Attachments tab, double-click the attachment that you want to move or delete and then click Manage.
  4. Click Delete Attachment to delete the document. If you are deleting a document, then you are done.


    Click Re-Assign Attachment.

    Delete Attachment or Re-Assign Attachment

  5. Select the Document Type.
  6. Your options vary depending on which document type you choose. You might need to change the patient, the case, or the payer that the document is assigned to. Make any necessary adjustments.

    Enter patient information

  7. Click Add and then type a description.

    Add a description

  8. Click OK.
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