Attach, Edit, and Print Documents

You can store many types of documents in INSIGHT. After a document is added, you can view it. See View and Print Attachments for more information about viewing uploaded documents.

To add a document to INSIGHT:

  • Attach – Upload a file created outside of INSIGHT. You can attach image files (such as TIFF, JPG, BMP, or PNG) or PDF files.

When you attach documents, INSIGHT prompts you to associate the document with the proper data. For example, a patient's insurance card must be associated with client data, while a referral must be associated with both a patient and a case.

Warning: Multi-page image files (such as JPGs or TIFFs) are not supported. They will be compressed with no page breaks. Attaching the document as a PDF is a better option.

Note: Modern scanner default settings tend to create large files, so Clinicient recommends scanning documents outside of INSIGHT. After you verify that the file is not larger than 1024k (1MB), attach the file to the applicable record.

Note: By default, INSIGHT only displays active patients and payer records. To include inactive records, select the Show All check box, located in the lower right corner of the Manage Attachments window.

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