View and Print Patient Statements

This topic describes how to view and print patient statements using the Cash Register.

The Statement Tab

From the Cash Register, you may view or print a current statement or review and print prior patient statements.

Select a statement from the Prior Statements list to view or print any previous statements that have been printed for the patient.

Important Notes

  • Statement balances do not include uncollected copays, but the full patient balance does include uncollected copays.
  • Uncollected copays are shown on the Payments tab well as the Copay Ledger on the patient account screen found in Insight Billing.
  • Patient statements do not reflect a credit for copays collected until the claim is at patient responsibility. You may use the ledger for these purposes.
  • When a payer responds with a separate ERA and includes a CO-187 code, the Health Spending Account (HSA) payments made by a payer are on behalf of the patient and drawn from the patient's consumer spending account, as fulfilling the patient's obligation for the amounts due. These payments show on the patient's statement in the Patient Payment column and are flagged "HSA - Insurance Company Name" to indicate the amount that was drawn from the patient's HSA account.
  • If the MVA/PI Payer - show as Patient Owed on Statements check box is selected on the General Billing Data tab, the patient statement shows any remaining balance that has not been paid as the patient's obligation but the amount continues to age at the payer. The patient ledger shows any PI/MVA payer obligation as the patient's responsibility.
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