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Clinicient has partnered with PatientPay, a healthcare-specific tool for revenue cycle management that allows providers to bill and collect patient payments through a one-stop, secure, online portal, to offer an integrated solution for collecting patient payments. With INSIGHT Patient Payments, patients receive electronic statements and pay directly online. Those payments are automatically uploaded to INSIGHT, eliminating the need for your staff to send statements and enter patient payments manually.

PatientPay’s modern solution simplifies and speeds up the overall collection process. Organizations using PatientPay have seen on average:

  • A 28% increase in total collection rate

  • An average payment turnaround of 14 days (vs 45 days for traditional methods)

  • A 50% decrease in the average cost to collect

  • A 75-80% increase in electronic payments

Read on to see how INSIGHT Patient Payments will interact with your Insight account.

Optimized Collections Cycle

INSIGHT Patient Payments follow the Dunning Cycle, a process of systematic communication to help ensure that outstanding balances are collected. Following the Dunning Cycle:

  • Patients will receive electronic notifications through email and text once a week over a 30-day cycle.
  • There will be a total of four cycles until the patient stops receiving notifications from PatientPay.
  • If the patient pays their balance in full before the four cycles are complete, then the notifications will stop immediately.
  • If no mobile number or email is provided for the patient, statements will automatically move to print and sent at day 1.

The Dunning Cycle is based on best practices and set by default but can be customized if needed.

Setup and Usage


Clinicient’s implementation team will work with your administrators to setup your PatientPay account with the correct billing addresses, accepted payment methods, available payment plans, notification messages, billing statement logo, and more.

Front Desk

For Insight Patient Payments to work successfully, patient accounts must include a valid phone number, email address, and mailing address. The email and cell number on file for the patient in INSIGHT will overwrite the same information in the patient’s PatientPay profile.

Note: In a situation where the patient’s parent, guardian, or legal representative is the guarantor, the guarantor’s email and phone number will be used for notification.

Patient information will automatically transfer from Insight to PatientPay. There is no need to setup patient profiles or billing information in PatientPay as Insight will be the source for this information.

To Disable Notifications

Look up the patient in PatientPay and select to disable notification. Patients will also be able to opt out of notification in the text or email they receive.



PatientPay eliminates the need to send statements directly from Insight. Once the PatientPay integration is activated, all charges at Patient Responsibility status will be sent to PatientPay on a nightly basis.

When PatientPay receives these charges, they will begin the collections cycle. Patients will receive billing notification via text and email simultaneously. If a payment is not made within 9 days, PatientPay will send a paper statement to the patient’s address on file in INSIGHT.

Text and Email notification messages are setup in the PatientPay portal before the integration is activated. Messages on paper statements are configured in the Statement Settings tab of the Patient Statements menu in INSIGHT Billing. The statement message sent from PatientPay will match the message on file in INSIGHT.

Note: The type of notification sent depends on what information is on file for the patient in Insight. If only a cell number or email address is on file, only that type of notification can be sent. If no cell number or email is on file but a street address has been entered, the patient will receive a paper statement on the 1st day of the cycle, and another paper statement on the 9th day if no payment has been received.


PatientPay transmits payment information to INSIGHT on a nightly basis. Patient payments are listed in the Payments F5 tab of INSIGHT Billing and will appear on the patient's account as a credit before they are applied to a specific date of service.

Payments can be applied in the Cash Collections section of the Payments F5 tab. In future iterations of the PatientPay integration these payments will be applied automatically, starting with the oldest date of service.

After payments are applied to a date of service, you can look up payment details in the Claim Details or Ledger tabs in the patient's account, or filter to payments posted by System Service in the Posted Payments and Adjustments report or Payment Research tab.

PatientPay also offers a variety of reports to help track payments and notifications.


Patients will receive billing notifications via text and email but will have the option to select their preferred method of contact.

To view their billing statement, patients will be required to first enter their date of birth to confirm their identity.

They can then click View Bill to see their statement.

If they’re ready to pay, the patient can click Pay Now to enter their payment information.

Patients have the option to pay in full, make a partial payment, or request a payment plan. Payment plan options can be configured in PatientPay by your administrative team.

After a payment is made, the patient will receive an instant confirmation message.

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