Correct a Patient Payment that Has Not Been Applied to Patient Copay or Patient Balance

Note: In order to correct a patient payment in INSIGHT EMR, you must have the Correct patient payments action set to Edit. See Set User Security Permissions for more information about setting security permissions.

There might be times when you need to correct a patient payment, for example:

  • An incorrect payment amount was entered.
  • The patient payment was entered into the system twice.
  • Payment was applied to the wrong patient account.

Note: Best practice is to add a note to the patient account explaining the reason for the payment change. Enter all pertinent information for the patient's payment. See Use Notes in Insight for instructions on adding notes.

Training on this process is in the Correcting Patient Payments video.

Use the steps below to correct a patient payment that has yet to be applied to a copay or patient balance.

  1. Log in to INSIGHT.
  2. Open the Correct the Application of Patient Payments window. You can open it in either INSIGHT application:
    • In INSIGHT Billing, on the Corrections menu, click Correct Patient Payment.
    • In INSIGHT EMR, on the Collections menu, click Correct Patient Payment. (Total INSIGHT and INSIGHT Plus only)
  3. In the Patient list, click the name of the patient for whom you need to correct payments.
  4. In the Available Payment list, click the payment that needs correction. All the other fields in the automatically populate, based on the patient's historical payment information.

  5. In the Amount field, enter the correct amount. The Remaining Not Applied field updates with the correct amount.
    • If the payment needs to be deleted, then remove the payment completely.
    • If the payment amount is incorrect, then type the correct amount.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Type a note about why the correction was made and then click Save. If you are making multiple corrections, regardless of whether it is the same patient, then select the Use same note for all corrections check box.

Note: If a payment was posted to INSIGHT in error, then you cannot delete the payment. Instead you need to zero out the patient payment by entering 0 in the Amount field and then click Save.

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