Collect Patient Copayments

The following describes how the Cash Register is used to collect current and past due copay obligations.

Clinicient EMR and Clinicient Billing are two pieces of a totally integrated system for scheduling, clinical documentation, patient account management, and insurance claims processing. This integration of clinical information and financial information about your patients in one system allows important information about the patient account to be easily accessed by the front desk from the Cash Register.

Payment Tab

Copayments are due at the time the patient arrives for each visit. If the patient's information indicates that they have a copay, the system will automatically launch the cash register to prompt you to collect and record the payment.

Collecting a Payment

Select the payment type (Cash, Credit Card, EFT). If the payment was by check, you will be prompted to enter the check number. If the payment is by credit card you will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of the credit card number.

Note: You should never record the patient's entire credit card number anywhere in the system.

If the payment was by an electronic funds transfer, you will be prompted to record the EFT number.

After entering the patient's payment information, make sure that the Print Receipt check box is checked and click OK. The system will automatically print a receipt and credit the patient's account with the payment.

Note: The system permits you to reprint a receipt, if needed.

Past Due Copayment

Even though copayments are due when the patient arrives for their appointments, you may elect to collect the payment later. If the patient has copay obligations for past appointments that have not been collected, the system will prompt you to collect for all of the past copayments that have not been made.

You can click on Display Charge Detail to view a list of all of the payment obligations that have not been paid. You will also be able to view any patient payment credits.

To collect a payment for all past due obligations, click Pay in Full. The system will calculate the entire amount due.

Recording a Partial Payment of Past Due Copay Obligations

Uncheck the Use check box in the Charge Detail to deselect any past copay obligations that you elect not to credit with the payment. If a partial payment is made and and no past dates are deselected, the oldest obligations will be paid first.

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