Cash Register

The following topic describes how the Cash Register allow the front desk staff to answer patient questions about their account and collect patient obligations.

Clinicient EMR and Clinicient Billing are two pieces of a totally integrated system for scheduling, clinical documentation, patient account management, and insurance claims processing. This integration of clinical information and financial information about your patients in one system allows important information about the patient account to be easily accessed by the front desk from the Cash Register.

From the Cash Register, you may view and record payments for supplies, current and past due copay obligations, and other estimated patient obligations that will not be paid by insurance.

Viewing Patient Accounts

The cash register also allows the front desk to view important information about the patient's account including receipts for past payments, statements, and ledgers. These may be reprinted at any time for the patient.

Client Set Up

To estimate the patient responsibility, information about the patient's copay, coinsurance, and whether or not the patient's deductible have been met are entered as part of the insurance information for the patient's case.

Cash Register Security

Security groups may be set so that the user has no access to the Cash Register, or limited access to only the Payment Tab:

The Cash Register setting controls security group access to the Payment Tab only. The Cash Register Account Display setting controls security group access to all of the other tabs on the Cash Register:

  • Estimated Patient Responsibility
  • Statements
  • Receipts
  • Ledger
  • Account

For more information on security group permission settings, see Set User Security Permissions.

Opening the Cash Register

The cash register will open automatically when the patient is marked arrived on the schedule if there is any patient responsibility due.

You may also click on the cash register and select a patient to review a patient's account information.

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