Cash Register: Account Tab Overview

The Account tab of the Cash Register is designed to allow for easy review of a patients account. The patient account information can be filtered and sorted by date of service, sorting on all columns and filtering on the Detail and Item Columns to allow easier searching for specific transactions. Double click on any line to view detail for the transaction.

Sort by Date of Service

Filter by Item

Column Name Description
Date Date of service.
# Insight payment ID number.
Detail Indicates the type of function that changed the balance of the line (for example, a check was applied). If the line is a charge, this column is blank.
Notes Displays the note added (if any) when the payment was added.
Type Transaction type for the line, such CHG (charge), COINS (co-insurance), PMT (payment), or contractual adjustment (ADJ).
Item Indicates what happened for the line item or displays the name of the payer.
Charges Amount of the charge for the specified line. 0.00 indicates a payment was made to the patient's account.
Credit Amount credited to the patient's account.
Insurance Balance Amount the patient's insurance owes for the line.
Transfer Amount passed to the next payer.
Patient Balance Amount the patient owes for the line.
Reserved Credit Show the copay amounts that have been collected against visits the patient has been arrived for. Reserved credits are released as each claim is paid by insurance and the remaining balance moves to patient responsibility. This amount reduces each time credit is applied to the claim it is held against. Reserved credit does not affect the regular balance due or available credit.

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