Cash Collections Subtab Overview

The Cash Collections subtab shows patient payments that were taken via the Cash Register.

  • Display Copay Obligations check box- Select to display payments with credit and copay obligations. Insight remembers your selection each subsequent time you log in.
  • Include Payments for Patients with Zero Balance check box- Select to include patients with a zero on their account in the Payments drop down list.


Payment Info / Payment Amounts / Payment Note / Charges

Patient Info
Payments The drop down arrow allows you to select the patient that made the payment. Patients display in the list because they have a balance and/or credit on their account.
Payment ID System generated ID number for the payment.
Method Identifies how the payment was made (cash, check, etc).
Payment Date Date the patient made the payment.

Payment Amounts
Payment Amount the patient paid.
Applied Amount of payment that was applied to the account.
Reserved Credit Amount the of reserved credit on the patient's account.
Available Payment Amount- Applied Amount- Reserved Credit for Copays
Payment Note Displays any notes associated with the payment, if the person taking the payment has entered a note.

Use If selected, the system will pay off the oldest checked charges first when Apply Payment is selected.
Date Date the account activity occurred.
Description Description of the account activity.
Amount Billed Amount billed for the service.
Client Paid Amount the client has already paid for the specified charge.
Insurance Paid Amount the payer (insurance) paid for the specified charge.
Adjustments Adjustment amount, if an adjustment was made.
Patient Balance Balance for the specified line.

Note: This section provides a summary of charges if f there is a balance on the patient account.

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