Apply a Patient Credit to a Patient's Balance

When a patient pre-pays for co-insurance, a deductible, or copay, a credit needs to be applied to the balance of the patient's account. Use Cash Collections found on the Payments tab to generate a list of patients that have a balance and a credit. This list should be worked, at a minimum, on a weekly basis and before printing a patient statement.

Use the instructions below to apply a credit to a patient's account balance.

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. From the Payments tab, select the Cash Collections subtab.
  3. Select the Display Copay Obligations check box.
  4. From the Payments list, review the patients that have a balance and a credit.
  5. Select the desired patient.

  1. Patient charges display at the bottom of the screen. These charges are at patient responsibility. Click Apply Payment to apply the credit to the patient's balance. If the patient has more then one credit available, you will continue to see payments until there is no more credit or no more balance.

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