Run Patient Issue Listing

What Is The Patient Issue Listing?

The Patient Issue Listing is a tool that displays a list of patients with issues that need to be fixed before the charges can be posted to the system in order to create a claim. The system has been designed with validations in place that help your clinic address issues before claims go out the door, resulting in faster payments for your clinic. Front desk and billing staff should run the patient issue listing daily to correct errors that can delay the billing process. Inactive patients with no charges are not included in the Patient Issue Listing. If an appointment is canceled, any associated issues that were displayed drop off.

Charges in this report have issues that need to be corrected before posting the charge and creating a claim. These charges typically have a demographic or charge issue(s) that needs to be corrected before you can post the charge. To reduce the number of charges that enter Billing with issues, make sure your clinic has correctly entered all the necessary patient information in the Client Editor. To reduce the number of charge issues, review your clinic's payer setups, and fee schedules. The Demo and Chg column displays the number of issues that need to be fixed. Demo issues are related to the patient's demographic information (typically handled by front desk staff) and Chg issues are related to the fee schedule or payer settings (typically handled by billing staff). Clicking the red X icon automatically opens the editor that is required to view and correct the issue. Once all of the issues have been fixed, the charge is automatically sent to the appropriate category below, and the red X icon turns into a green edit (or ready) icon.

How Often Should I Run It?

Clinicient recommends that management review the patient issue listing at least weekly to address persistent issues that impact cash flow.

Can I Update The Information That Displays On The List?

Use the Refresh button to update information on the screen. There are three options when using the Refresh button:

  • Re-Create All Issues checks for validation issues for all charges that are currently un-posted.
  • Verify Charge Issues re-checks all charge issues and removes charge issues that are no longer an issue.
  • Verify Patient Issues re-checks the Issues column and removes all patient issues that have been fixed.

Use the steps below to run the Patient Issue Listing.

  1. Log in to Insight.
  2. Select Patient with Issues from the Run menu. Patients with missing information, such as demographic information, missing Plans of Care, and/or missing fee schedules are listed. You can easily filter the list by dragging a column to the gray bar at the top of the list. For example, to see the list by issue type, drag the Issues column to the gray bar at the top of the list. Use the drop-down arrow to see the list of all patients with a specific issue type.
  3. Double click on a row to go directly to the specific editor that fixes the selected patient's issue. You will see a red breaking bar at the bottom of the window that opens. This explains the issue that needs to be corrected. If the Issues column and Charge Issues column show missing information, when you double click on the row, the editor will attempt to fix the Issues column first. Once the Issues column has been resolved, you can double click the row again to fix the charge issue. Medicare patients with missing Plan of Care dates are listed in the Charge Issues column.
  4. Use the Task button at the bottom of the list to create and assign a task for anyone in the clinic who needs to provide information for the patient.

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