Corrections List Overview

On the Task tab in INSIGHT EMR, the Corrections List (available only to Total INSIGHT and INSIGHT clients) helps prioritize issues needing your attention and allows you determine which tasks to resolve first. Issues listed are linked so that you can go directly to the appropriate screen to fix the issue. If a signed visit has issues that appear on the Corrections List, then the visit charges for the visit cannot be created until the issues have been fixed. Most issues can be resolved in the Client Editor.

Important things to note about the Corrections List:

  • Inactive patients and patients without an appointment or visit do not show up on the Corrections List.
  • If an appointment is canceled, any associated issues that were displayed drop off.
  • Patients with no active charges or active case do not display on the Corrections List.
  • Insurance and referral expiration issues drop off after five days.
  • If the Guarantor or Primary Payer Subscriber is different than the actual patient, then issues for missing Guarantor or Primary Payer Subscriber information will link to that different person but will reference the patient's name.
  • Variable rate code type issues do not appear on the Corrections List. They appear on the Patient Issues List and are only included with Charge Issues if the patient has no other issues. If a patient has other issues, such as Case Admit Date Missing, those must be resolved first before Variable Rate Code Type will appear on the Charges with Issues list.

Corrections List fields

The Corrections List provides the following information to help prioritize issues needing your attention:

Field Description
Patient Identifies the patient and issue on the patient's account that needs action.
Visit Number of visits impacted by the issue.
Held $ Financial impact the issue currently has on the clinic.
Age Number of days the issue has been outstanding since sign off.

Corrections List sections

The Corrections List is divided into the following sections:

Unsigned visits

The unsigned visit summary displays the number of unsigned customer visits for all therapists in all clinics in the database that remain unsigned for three or more days.

An unsigned visits prompt is displayed when a therapist accesses a patient in the Chart tab. This prompt lists the number of unsigned visits older than three days associated with the therapist logged into Total INSIGHT.

Unsigned Visits Section

Corrections Queue

The Corrections Queue section identifies charge and demographic issues for patients with signed visits. The visit cannot be turned into billable charges until the issues have been addressed.

Appointments at Risk

The Appointments at Risk section identifies demographic, authorization, and referral issues for patients that have an appointment coming up in the next three days. The authorization and referral issues that appear are Insurance Authorization Date Expired, Insurance Authorization Visit Limit Reached, Referral Date Expired, or Referral Visit Limit Reached. Issues that appear in this section do not prevent charges from being created and do not appear on the Held Visits section.

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