Fax Clinical Reports at Signoff

This article describes the set up and the process for faxing clinical documentation reports from Insight EMR.

At sign off, select the report format and check Fax after Signing to fax the report immediately upon signing.

To have the report faxed to a different physician than the referring physician, select the Show All check box and choose a different contact.

The referring physician will be selected in the Fax To area as illustrated here.

You may add Additional Recipients from the Contact List as illustrated here. The system automatically includes anyone in the Sent Reports To list. Clear the check box to remove someone from the additional recipients list. When sending letters to multiple recipients, cover letters will be addressed to each individual person but the copy of the letter is addressed only to the person set in the Fax To field. If you are faxing a letter to William Kildare and James Jones is listed as an additional recipients to receive the fax, James' cover letter will be addressed to him, but the letter itself will still be addressed to William.

Using Cover Sheets

Insight EMR includes a standard cover sheet. You may format a custom cover sheet if desired.

Include cover sheet comments as desired and click OK.

Preview and Set Page Breaks

The report to be faxed will be previewed.

In the preview you can set page breaks as illustrated here to keep a group of items together.

Send the Fax

After clicking OK, the report will be faxed automatically in the desired format to all recipients. In the event that the fax does not transmit successfully the first time, the system will automatically resend the fax for up to 5 times, approximately every five minutes.

Fax Report Logs

A log of all reports that have been faxed is available in the Daily Activity Group.

Resending Faxes

Faxes that have failed to transmit may be resent as illustrated here.

Note: If you are responsible for tracking faxes that have been sent, make sure that your security group has access to the Fax Log reports.

Faxing Clinical Issues List

A list of any failed faxes will also appear on the Clinical Issues List.

Faxes may be resent by double clicking.

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