Batch Print Chart Notes

Use the instructions below to print multiple chart notes at the same time.

  1. Log in to INSIGHT.
  2. On the Print menu, click Chart Notes.
  3. In the Client list, click the name of the client for which you want to print multiple chart notes. INSIGHT automatically enters values in some of the fields, but you can change them if they do not meet your needs.
  4. Do not enter a value in the Visit field. If you select a specific visit for the Visit field, you will only be printing chart notes for the visit selected, not multiple visits.
  5. In the Date Type list, click Service Date.

    Select Service Date option

  6. Select the date range for which you want to print notes. Either choose an option in the Service Date Range field (such as All, Last Week, or Last Month), or select a Service Date Start and Service Date End.

    Choose service date range

  7. Optional: Filter by appointment type. If you do not want to print chart notes for all appointment types, then click check boxes to clear them. INSIGHT only prints chart notes for appointment types that are selected.

    Select appointment types

  8. Optional: Filter by staff member. In the Staff list, click the staff member whose notes you want to print.
  9. Optional: Filter by clinic. In the Clinic list, click the clinic associated with the notes that you want to print.
  10. In the Report Format field, click the report format. Typically this will be Claims Submission Documentation.

    Select report format

  11. Optional: Click Preview to display the chart notes in print preview mode. INSIGHT only shows notes from one date of service at a time; click Open door icon to advance to the next date of service. Close the window or click Cancel Preview when finished.
  12. Click Print.

    Click print

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