Total INSIGHT RCM Policies

The Clinicient Revenue Cycle Services team is dedicated to delivering best-in-class RCM services for our Total INSIGHT customers. Through our experience in processing hundreds of thousands of claims monthly, we’ve learned that success starts with teamwork and a close working relationship with our clients.

To ensure everyone is working from the same playbook, it's important that Total INSIGHT customers are aware of and fully understand the key policies and procedures that can have a significant impact on accounts receivable and revenue. Following these policies can help us work more effectively as a team to minimize denials and get your practice paid what you’ve earned more quickly.

Please review each of the policies listed below and make sure you and your staff are following the steps outlined in each policy.

RCM Policy


Balances in Litigation Reviewing Motor Vehicle Accident, Workers Compensation, or Letter of Protection balances View Policy
Credentialing Denials Credentialing and adjudication of credentialing errors View Policy
Medicaid Secondary to Medicare Identifying Medicaid denials that are secondary to Medicare View Policy
No Authorization Reviewing denials received from a payer due to no authorization on file View Policy
Non-Covered Services Processing non-covered services denials View Policy
Verification of Benefits Verifying patient benefits and reviewing denials related to benefits View Policy
Secondary Balances Processing aging secondary payer claims View Policy
Claims Paid Unreported/Not Posted Identifying payments received but not reported by the client View Policy
Deposit Reporting Reporting all payments received/collected by the client View Policy
Write Off Policy Ensuring the proper procedure is utilized when removing uncollectable accounts from the accounts receivable balance. View Policy
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