No Authorization


To ensure the proper procedure is utilized when reviewing a denial received from a payer stating that no authorization was on file when one was required.


Post claim adjudication, the no authorization denial will be reviewed to ensure no false denial is received. The A/R team will review the account documents and claim to ensure the denial is accurate.

If there is an authorization or referral on file specifically referencing the date of service and/or type of services rendered, an appeal will be filed according to the payer guidelines.

If Clinicient cannot verify that appropriate authorization is in Insight, the clinic will be contacted to determine further action. If no response is received from the client by the timely filing limit for that payer, the claim will be written off with no further follow-up required.

Pre-Authorization Defined

Pre-authorization is the process of getting an agreement from the payer to cover specific services before the service is performed. Payers require prior-authorizations for numerous reasons including to protect patient safety and cost-containment. Pre-authorization does not guarantee payment of services rendered.

Pre-authorization requirements vary from provider to provider. Please check with your insurance providers for their specific policies.


Per payer contracts and patient policies, some payers require a pre-authorization of services to determine medical necessity and to prevent over utilization of services. It is the clinic’s responsibility to understand each of their payer’s requirements.

Limited payers allow for a retroactive authorization after services are rendered. If the payer does allow this, there is a strict time requirement to submit the appropriate documentation.


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