System-Generated Tasks

Some tasks are generated automatically by the system when certain information is edited, these tasks are commonly referred to as System Tasks. System Tasks are automatically assigned to the Billing Role, and can be viewed by users under that role in the Tasks F2 tab.

Note: System generated tasks may only be completed by a user with a Billing Role. For Total INSIGHT customers, these tasks will be cleared by your billing services representative. For self-billing customers, you will need to route the task to another team member with a Billing Role, unless you have been assigned a Billing Role..

There are four types of system-generated tasks that will be automatically created when information is changed within different areas of the system.

Diagnosis List Changes Created when the diagnosis on a case is changed after claims have been submitted.
Payer-Mix Changes Created when there is an update to the patient's insurance information, after it has initially been entered in the patient's Client Editor.
Documentation Changes Created when documentation in the charge ticket is changed after a claim has been submitted or charges have been posted.
New Payer Added Created when a new payer is added to the Insight database.
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