Reprint Statements

Once you have printed statements, you may need to reprint one or more of them. You may need to do this if a patient loses his statement or you need a copy of a statement to place in a patient's file.

To reprint statements:

  1. From the Activities menu, select Patient Statements.
  2. Click the Reprint Statements tab.
  3. In the Statement # selection box, use the arrows to select a statement number to reprint. When you've located the statement number, press the Tab key to accept the number. The patient's name displays in the Patient drop-down list and all statements for that patient list in the main area of the dialog box. Or, if you already know the patient's name, you can omit selecting a statement number and just select the patient's name.
  4. Click on the statement you'd like to reprint and select either Preview or Print.
  5. Click the Close button when you are finished reprinting statements.

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