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You can print patient statements at any time. This is useful for keeping patients apprised of the progress of the receipt of payments from payers and for notifying them of balances due that they are responsible for.

Note: To ensure the patient's printed statement is up-to-date, apply any patient credit(s) available prior to printing the patient's statement. Refer to Apply a Patient Credit to a Patient's Balance for more information.

To print statements:

  1. From the Print menu, select Patient Statements. Be sure the Create Statements tab is selected.

  1. Complete the fields in the top portion of the dialog box as follows:

  • Create Statements As Of When statements are printed, they include all transactions up until this date.
  • Create Statements By Patient or Case radio buttons You can print statements that include all transactions for a patient by selecting the Patient radio button. This includes transactions for each case a patient is receiving treatment for. Or you can have each case for each patient printed on a separate statement by selecting the Case radio button. Note that if there are multiple payers for a case, the statements are automatically broken out by case.
  • For Patients from and to You can print statements for an alphabetical range of patients by selecting the first and last patient to print statements for. Leave these fields blank to print statements for all patients.
  • For Clinics You can print statements for only one clinic at a time by selecting a clinic from this drop-down list. To print statements for all clinics, leave this field set to <All Clinics>.
  • For Primary Payer Category You can print statements for only primary payers that fit into a specific category by selecting it from this drop-down list.
  • For Specific Primary Payers You can select a specific payer to only print statements for that payer. If you select a payer here, do not make a selection in the For Primary Payer Category drop-down list (above).
  • For Statements w/balances greater than Enter an amount in this text box to only print statements with balances greater than the amount you enter. For example, enter $100 to only print statements with balances greater than $100. This is useful if you want to only focus an patients with large balances, or if you do not care about balances under a certain amount.
  • Include Zero Balance Statements When selected, statements are printed for patients who have a zero balance and is at patient responsibility.

    Note: If the MVA/PI Payer - show as Patient Owed on Statements check box is selected for a specific payer, this sends the statement to the appropriate payer.

  1. If you have a special message you want included one time only, enter it in the large box below Custom Message For This Statement Run. An example of when you might want to do this is if you want to include a special greeting during the holidays, or if you want to announce a new service provided by your clinic. If you enter a message here, it appears at the bottom of each statement, in place of any messages you have set up on the Statement Settings tab.
  2. Click the Preview button to see an example of the statements that will be created with the settings you've made. This is a good way to validate that you are printing the statements you intend to print. When you finish previewing the statements, click the Close button. Optional: When uploading statements to Waystar (formerly Zirmed), use the Save to File button to save an electronic text version of the statement to your computer.
  3. Click the Print button. All the statements print on your default printer.

Note: Statements print on your default printer. If you have multiple printers and you wish to print statements on a printer other than your default printer, use the Windows Control Panel to change your default printer before you click the Print button.

Notice the statement number in the upper-right corner of the sample statement. This number is assigned when you print statements. If you ever need to reprint statements (if, for example, a patient loses his statement or you need a copy of a statement to place in a patient's file), you can use this number to specify which statement to reprint (as described in Reprinting Statements).

If you need to reprint a statement for a single patient, you can also access statements from the Cash Register action button following the steps below.

  1. Select the Cash Register action button, and look up the patient by name.
  2. Select the Statements F4 tab, and navigate to the statement version you want to print within the Prior Statements section on the left side of the screen. This section gives you the option to reprint a statement that was previously sent to the patient, or to send a new statement showing the current balance.
  3. Select Print.

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