Post Payments

Use the steps below to post a payment via ERA

  1. Log in to INSIGHT Billing.
  2. From the Payments tab and select Enter EOB by ERA.
  3. Browse to where the ERA file is located and select the file.

If a payment from an ERA file is posted, the Print Remit check box appears on the EOB Processing Results dialog. This check box is selected if the claim is billable to secondary or tertiary payers. You may check or uncheck the boxes as desired. When you click the OK button on the EOB Processing Results dialog, a preview of the remittance printout displays. You can direct the remittance to your printer.

If an EOB indicates that the payer is forwarding the claim to another payer, the Crossover check box is selected instead of the Print Remit check box. When you click the OK button on the EOB Processing Results dialog , the remittance printout doesn’t include claims that have the Crossover check box checked.

If the organization that made the payment does not match the payer at the current payer index, the EOB Processing Results dialog includes an additional column, ERA Note, specifying the unexpected payment source.

Tip: Double click any row in the EOB Processing Results window to open the Claim Editor and view the claim.

For each payment, be sure the Payment Date is the same as the date of the ERA file. To change a payment date, click the Edit Payment button on the Payments tab. You can manually edit the EOB entries for each claim in the Enter EOB dialog box, just as though you manually entered the EOB. Once you are satisfied the ERA has been allocated properly, you can post the payment as you normally would. There may be cases where the payer sends payment information in advance of a payment. Leave those payments unposted until the check arrives.

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