Post an Insurance Refund

Follow the instructions below to post an insurance refund to Insight.

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. Select New Payment on the Payments tab.
  3. Select a payer or use the button to find the patient and select the payer from the list of available plans.
  4. Enter the refund check date into the Payment Date field.
  5. Select EOB only in the Method field.
  6. Enter the check number in the EOB# field. Enter a negative number for the EOB Amount. For example, if the refund is for $50.00, enter -50.
  7. Recommended: Enter the patient's name and DOS for the refund in the Note field.
  8. Optional: Enter a batch name of the deposit the refund will be included with.
  9. Click OK.

This is what the Payments tab looks like.

Important: Remember the Payment ID. You will need this later.

  1. Select Enter EOB. The Enter EOB Items for Payment ID window appears.
  2. Enter the claim number or patient name and start and end date.
  3. Select Load Charges.
  4. Enter a negative number for each of the lines that receive the refund.

Note: You might need to reallocate the money since refunds will increase the patient's balance. Determine if there should be a patient balance, an insurance balance, or a zero balance and adjust accordingly. The line item should balance out, what was billed minus any payments (patient or insurance) and minus any adjustments made.

  1. If you still have patients and/or claims to refund on this check, select Save & New then follow the steps outlined above until all line items that need to be refunded are completed.
  2. Once you have applied the correct refund amount to each line and your Estimated Remaining Payment is $0.00, select Save & Close.

  1. The Enter EOB Items for Payment window closes and you are returned to the Payments tab. Verify you have posted the refunt as it should be posted and select Post Payment.

Tip: The EOB Processing Results window displays. The status of the claim will vary depending on what you did. Verify the status is what you expect and select OK.

  1. Select Correct Insurance Payment from the Collections menu.
  2. Enter the payment ID (noted from earlier above) in the Payment ID field and select Search. Notice the Amount column is $0.00.
  3. Double click the payment or select View Detail to open the EOB Allocations Details window.

  1. The payment field is currently $0.00. Enter the same amount that was in the EOB Amount field on the Payments tab. Using the example above, enter -50.

Warning: Remember to use the minus or negative sign (-) or else you will be crediting the account +$50.00.

  1. Click Save and then click OK if a confirmation message displays.

The Amount column on the Correct the Application of Insurance Payments window now shows your credit.

  1. Double click the line or select View Detail to open the EOB Allocations Details window and see the refund.
  2. Optional: Select Add/Edit Memos to add a note. The note is only visible if you view the refund from the Correct Insurance Payment option under the Corrections menu.

Note: Log all refunds done for the month into their own deposit.

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