Handling Interest

If there are no unapplied receipts and there are claims that have interest payments from the payer, the Interest Payments tab lists them. You can also display this tab at any time by clicking on it. You must apply the interest.

  1. Double-click on the interest payment to open the Enter EOB Items dialog box.
  2. Manually reduce the adjustment amount for one of the lines on the claim by the interest payment amount.
  3. Manually increase the payment amount for that line by the interest payment amount.
  4. Click the Save & Close button to close the Enter EOB Items dialog. On the Payments tab, notice the check box in the Applied column for the claim. This indicates the interest was applied. You can check or uncheck this check box; its setting is save.

Note: The original ERA amounts are saved separately, and all manual changes to amounts are tracked.

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