Download ERA Files

Before you begin, you must download one or more ERA files from a trading partner (for Clinicient Billing Services, this is Waystar (formerly Zirmed)). Download the files into the folder designated for ERA files, as described in Set Up ERA File Location. Clinicient Billing Service should check daily for ERA files and download them if they are available. Waystar is the Clinicient preferred clearinghouse. If your clinic does not use Waystar, go to your clearinghouse support site to find instructions on how to download ERA files.

If You Use Waystar (formerly Zirmed)

  1. Log in to your Waystar (formerly Zirmed) Account.
  2. Select the Remits tab.
  3. Select Download from the Action column, on the file you would like to download.

  1. Select Save or Save As.

  1. Once the Save As window opens, browse to your ERA folder and select Save.

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