Delete Payments

Once you delete a payment that was submitted via ERA, all the recorded ERA information for that payment is removed as well.

If there are multiple payments within an ERA file, and any of the payments are posted, the file CANNOT be re-loaded. If any payments are deleted that were contained in that file, they must be entered manually.

Use the instructions below to delete a payment that was submitted via ERA:

  1. Log in to Insight Billing.
  2. From the Payments tab, select a payment.
  3. Double-click any row under EOB Contents to open the Enter EOB Items for Payment ID window.
  4. Select the row that needs to be deleted in the EOB Entry tab and click Delete.
  5. Repeat step 4 as needed. Or if you need to clear all entries, use the Clear Entries button.
  6. Select Save & Close to return to the Payments tab.
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