Correct a Posted Payment

If you post a payment incorrectly, you can still correct the posted payment. Follow the steps below to edit information on a payment that has already been posted.

  1. Look up the payment. You can do this from the Payment Research section of the Payments F5 tab if you want to correct entries for multiple patients and dates of service, or from the Claim Details section of the Accounts F7 tab if you only need to correct payment information for only one patient.
  2. From the Payments F5 tab:
    1. Select the Payment Research sub-tab.
    2. Look up the payment using the check number or amount.
    3. Select the payment, so that it is highlighted in blue, and click Correct Payment.

  3. From the Accounts F7 tab:
    1. Look up the patient by name.
    2. Select the Claim Details sub-tab.
    3. Click the Plus Sign next to the claim number to expand payment information.
    4. Select the line of the payment you want to correct, then right click and select Make Payment Correction.

      Note: When correcting a payment from the patient's account, the system will automatically filter the EOB information to show only EOB entries for the patient you have selected.

  1. The EOB Allocation Details window will appear, from here you can edit the payment information applied to the claims you need to correct.

    Note: The short keys, + and *, that you can use while posting a payment will not work after the payment has been posted. You will need to manually enter the amount you want to apply in the Paid, Denied, Contractual Adjustment, and Patient Responsibility fields. You will also need to calculate the balance of the claim when correcting a posted payment as the system will not do this automatically.

  1. Select Save to save your changes and exit the EOB Allocation Details window.
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